This park was donated by the Clemsons Family and opened in June 1970

It has a broad collecton of native and ornamental trees

and a spendid display of daffodils in March April

Clemsons Park

TREES to Look for :-

Acer campestre           (field maple)

Acer davidii(?)             (Snake bark maple)

Acer macrophyllum     (Oregon maple)

Acer pseudoplatanus f.purpurea
                                       (purple sycamore)

Acer pseudoplatanus   (sycamore)

Acer saccharinum        (silver maple)

Acer saccharum           (sugar maple)

Aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut)

Alnus cordata                (Italian alder)

Betula pendula              (silver birch)

Betula nigra                  (black or river birch)

Carpinus betula            (hornbeam)

Castanea sativa           (sweet chestnut)

Corylus maxima            (filbert)

Crataegus monogyna  (common hawthorn)

Fagus sylvatica             (beech)

Fagus sylvatica Aspleniifolia
                                       (fern-leafed beech)

Fraxinus angustifolia    (narrow leaved ash)

Fraxinus excelsior         (ash)

Ilex aquafolium              (holly)

Juglans regia                (walnut)

Populus alba                 (white poplar)

Populus x canadensis  (hybrid black poplar)

Populus nigra ‘Italica’   (Lombardy poplar)

Prunus avium                 (wild cherry)

Prunus spinosa              (blackthorn)

Quercus ilex                   (holm oak)

Quercus palustris           (pin oak)

Quercus robur                (English oak)

Quercus rubra                (red oak)

Salix babylonica (Chinese weeping willow)

Sorbus aria                     (white beam)

Sorbus aucuparia          (mountain ash)

Taxus baccata               (yew)

Tilia cordata                  (small leaved lime)

Tilia x europaea            (lime)

Ulmus minor                  (smooth leaved elm)

Ulmus glabra                 (wych elm)

Clemsons Park


Cedrus atlantica f. glauca  (blue Atlas cedar)   

Picea                                    (spruce)   

Pinus sylvestris                    (Scots pine)


   Tree Identification Trail , with map and list of 25 tree varieties


   Long Tree List , with 43 varieties but not complete

Clemsons Park and Playing Fields Tree List (2015-May-27).doc Clemson's Park Tree Trail Handout - FoLPs - 2013 iss 2.doc

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