This park was created by the developers of Heatherton and was known as Richmond Close Open Space.

Friends of L Parks have held several tree and bulb planting sessions with the help of pupils from Derby Moor College and Griffe Field Primary School

We are gradually improving the biodiversity by planting more species of native and wild-life friendly trees, shrubs, and wild-flowers.

FOLPs holds a working party on the third Saturday of each month from 10am for a couple of hours. You are very welcome to join us - especially if you live in the Pastures Hill and Heatherton areas.

Watch the notice boards for details.

Griffe Field Park

Griffe Field Park

FOLPs have held a number of sessions with helpers planting wildflower plug and sowing seed. The latest planting list follows :-





        - planted as small plug plants

 - -

 Centaurea  nigra

common knapweed

flwr- purple (thistle like)

 Galium  verum

lady’s bedstraw

flwr- yellow (many very small)

 Geranium  pratense

meadow cranesbill

flwr- blue (open)

 Lathyrus  pratensis

meadow vetchling

flwr- yellow (pea like)

 Leontodon  hispidus

rough hawkbit

flwr- yellow (dandelion like)

 Leucanthemum  vulgare

ox-eye daisy

flwr- white (daisy like)

 Primula  veris


flwr- yellow (tube like)

 Rumex  acetosa

common sorrel

flwr- red brown (cluster up                             stalk)

 Stachys  officinalis


flwr- purple (cluster)

 Trifolium  pratense

red clover

flwr- red (round cluster)

             - planted as larger plants

 - -

 Centranthus  ruber   

red valerian

flwr- red (head of small flwrs)

 Eupatorium  cannabinum

hemp agrimony

flwr- dusky purple (large head)

 Linaria  purpurea

purple toadflax

flwr- purple (up stalk)

 Malva  moschata

musk mallow

flwr- pink (large open bell)

 Polemonium  caeruleum

Jacob’s ladder

flwr-bluey mauve (up stalk)

 Primula  vulgaris


flwr- yellow (open ended tube)

 Silene  dioica

red campion

flwr- pink (open)

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