Heath’ton 106

The developers of Heatherton gave to the Derby City Council, from money received in the purchase price of Heatherton houses, £330,000 to be spent on the “provision of leisure facilities within 1 mile of the boundaries of the development area before April 2019.

The council decided in 2017 to allocate the money to a number of projects on the Littleover parks and we have been involved with the council Parks Department staff in developing a number of the projects. The money has started to be used and the parks are beginning to see the benefit.

Here are the projects that the Parks Department are working on.

HP-Heatherton Pond Parking and             Platforms

MO-Millennium to Oaklands Link

MI-Millennium Improvements

Heatherton sec.106 Projects

- Earl of Harrington Angling Club have promoted facilites for disabled anglers that would benefit everyone - 10 parking spaces by the entrance on plastic grid filled with topsoil sown with grass. Access is controlled by the Angling Club - ask a bailiff. The Club have raised other funds to make improvements to the marginal planting. Depending on funding there may be improvements to fishing platforms and paths. The changes to the hedges and fencing along Moorway Lane is about safer access to the parking area.

- The “bridleway” for a cycle+foot path linking Moorway Lane through Millennium Wood to Oaklands Avenue has been officially designated and the work is now 99% finished. This will be a strategic improvement for off-road travel. More local people will need to pick the inevitable litter.

- Millennium Wood Park has been improved with a new natural pond, the laying of the overgrown hedge and a woven dead hedge from poles coppiced from the wood. The deck for pond dipping and a bird viewing screen are planned later in the summer to finish the protection of the area for wildlife. Benches, an interpretation board, and new trees will depend on donations. Some more hedge laying and rejuvenation has been done this winter in compensation for the hedge removed from Heatherton Pond along the lane.

SI-Sunnydale Path Improvements

SP-Sunnydale Play Area Drainage

CT-Clemsons Park More Trees &


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HT-Teenage Equipment in Havenbaulk Lane Rec

MB-Millennium to Blagreaves Lane

BR-Benches Replaced in the area

GP-Griffe Field to Clemsons Parks
          Path Improvements

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- The path through the central wood has recently been raised and resurfaced with a permeable recycled tarmac surface. Improvements to the path to Nevinson Drive are expected in March.

- Sunnydale children’s play area floods and is outdated. The drainage work has been upgraded to full relocation and replacement. The work is expected in March 2019.

- Clemsons Park and Playing Field has a mix of at least 50 types of tree. A number of trees were planted with supports and watering facilities last winter (early 2018). Some were chosen for the wet clay soil in the arboretum area and some for the wildflower strip on the north side of the playing field (which used to be a pony paddock). The strip is no longer being mowed and we are watching to see what wildflowers return.

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- The consultations about Havenbaulk Lane Rec left the Parks Department with a no-win situation - all suggestions were definitely opposed by some residents or other.

- Creating a link across the fields between Millennium Wood Park and Blagreaves Lane to open a link to Sunnydale Park would be a strategic improvement parks and footpaths. But there is no prospect to create this yet.

- Money can always be spent on more benches both in Heatherton and throughout other green spaces. Perhaps this could be addressed by people and clubs donating them.

- The footpaths beside King George V Playing Fields (KGV) and through Griffe Field Park have a number of specific drainage problems some of which have now been addressed.

Sunnydale Park - New Ultitrec surfacing to woodland path

Millennium Wood - horses on the new bridleway to Oaklands

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