Heatherton Pond

Heatherton Pond was created as a flood prevention balancing pond soon after the development of Heatherton housing estate, in Littleover, in south west Derby.

The management of the pond was delegated to the Earl of Harrington Fishing Club in (about) 2014. They are doing a great job of improving the biodiversity of the park area and of the pond. They have a team of bailiffs who keep an eye on what’s going on.


If you want to fish in the pond then, please, contact the

Earl of Harrington Fishing Club

to obtain a fishing license or ask a bailiff.


Leaving bread for the ducks causes problems all-round

Bread is bad for the ducks, they can’t digest it.

Eventually bread sinks to the bottom is not good for other creatures.

Rats eat the bread and they carry disease that affects people.

If you want to feed the ducks then, please, use special duck food, a bit like pellets for pets. Ask at pet or fishing shops or this group -Friends of Littleover Parks.         Thanks

24lb carp caught October 2016 and now back in the pond

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