Clemsons Park

See the masses of daffodils in spring and the great variety of trees - several species of oak, maple, poplar, Sorbus, birch, etc..

Enter from Austen Avenue, or Cheadle Close

Or from King George V car park

King George V Playing Fields

Lots of activities available - footbal/cricket pitches, tennis courts, multi-use-games-area, skateboard ramps, childrens’ play area, outside gym equipment, bowls club; and a pavilion.

Griffe Field Park

Here there is a small childrens play area. The western area around that is more ornamental with daffodils and tree plantations. The central and eastern areas have more wildflowers.

Entrance from King George v Playing Fields, or Troutbeck Grove, Richmond Close, or Moorways Lane

Havenbaulk Recreation Ground

The childrens’ play area features at the entrance then opening up to football pitches and lots of space with afew interesting trees.

Entrance from Havenbaulk Lane

Heatherton Pond

Best pond for watching water birds. Remember ducks can’t digest bread. The Earl of Harrington Fishing Club organise fishing permits and look after the pond and surrounding area.

On Moorway Lane at SE corner of Heatherton

This is Littleover’s most varied park and its only Local Nature Reserve. Cuttle Brook leads to a pond with a dipping platform, surrounded by marshy areas. There is a childrens play area, a wood for den building, more tree plantations, wildflower meadows, and several open fields etc.

Bendall Green

This has a childrens play area and lots of space.

Off Oaklands Avenue

Millennium Wood

Developed for the new millennium, with many trees donated, Lots of space and paths for walking. Now with a Community Orchard of apples, pears, cherries, plums, damsons, hazels.

Littleover Parks Long Walk

This walk uses footpaths and afew roads to link 7 of the parks in a circular walk that takes between 1.5 hours and 3 hours depending on your pace.

It links Clemsons Park, King George V Playing Field, Griffe Field Park, Havenbaulk Rec., Heatherton Pond, Millennium Wood, and Sunnydale Park.

View the guide with a map in either doc or pdf format or join one of our organised walks.

Littleover Parks

 Parks + Long Walk

The £330,00 that the developers of Heatherton gave the council for leisure facilities was used by April 2019 on several parks .

 See our webpage Home Parks →  Heatherton 106 .

Heatherton 106

Car parking available at top of Carlisle Avenue

On Moorway Lane

Entrances from Rosamonds Ride, Wilson Ave.,Field Rise, Blagreaves Lane, lots of drives off Nevisons Drive.

Sunnydale Park

Littleover Parks Long Walk Guide with Map.pdf pdf Long walk guide

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