Wildlife and Biodiversity on L’r Parks

Sunnydale Park is our only LNR - Local Nature Reserve - for which a management plan has been produced by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. In it they recorded  lists of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, invertebrates in water and on land, birds, and animals.

Filpendula (meadow sweet) and Geranium (cranesbill)

Littleover’s Parks are a great place to get in touch with and enjoy the natural environment. The variety and extent of different species are growing year on year, with help from Derby City Council Parks Department, donations from individuals, effort from local school children, and the work of FoLPs. Do Join In !!

For Trees and Shrubs (see the Trees page).

The best variety (atleast 50) is to be found on Clemsons Park (which was donated by the Clemsons family and opened in 1970).

The most extensive woods are to be found in Millennium Wood and Sunnydale Park.

Shrubs are found throughout especially if you think of hedgerows.

A few ornament shrubs can be found on Clemsons and Sunnydale.

Native shrubs have been planted on Griffe Field and Sunnydale.

For Wildflowers (see the Wildflowers page).

Sunnydale Park has the best wildflower meadows. Griffe Field Park has a number of wildflower areas and we are working with the Heatherton developers to improve the fields they still own.

For Animals of all orders and sizes, including insects, see the Animals page.

Look out for the different sorts of butterflies through the year. And the variety of bees is a big issue. In the summer the variety of spiders and grass-hoppers are more visible.

Frogs are most reliably seen at spawning time in March in the ponds on Sunnydale and in the seasonal ponds on Griffe Field.

Do tell us about any toads, newts, lizards, and snakes.

Squirrels and foxes are seen from time to time everywhere.

Voles, shrews, mice, rats, and moles - we are just beginning to record where they are found.

Owls and kestrels usually hunt where there is a population of voles etc.

Birds are found in the common urban varieties but it is worth recording where they feed and nest.

Water birds are mostly found on Heatherton Pond.

And fish is another story - see Heatherton Pond or sticklebacks in Sunnydale.

There is lot’s to see and a depth of variety that is worth discovering.


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